Marina Nash


Marina Warren Nash is the founder and designer of The Agora Projects. She is a sought after, commissioned Architect and Sculptor. Her one-person exhibitions & museum installations have won numerous grand prize honors and awards across the United States and internationally from Europe to Japan. Her work has been published in many academic as well as public journals and newspapers. Her current work /architectural designs have recently won International acclaim through competitions. She holds the unique distinction of being the first (since 1908) female stone carver at the Washington National Cathedral.


Designs that give back


Marina Warren Nash started The Agora Projects three years ago because of her commitment to designing creative solutions for some of today’s social and environmental challenges. She hopes to achieve this goal by reinventing the “Agora” into a contemporary community gathering place where people go to share resources, ideas and information. The Agora Projects is a Boulder-based, social entrepreneurial startup that has an innovative solution for “collaborative prosperity”.

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